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Temporary Communicable Disease Prevention Policies 

Please self-assess for any symptoms at the time of booking your appointment and the day of your session to make sure you are truly well. If you are at all unwell in the days immediately before your appointment or the day of, your appointment will be postponed. Also, please familiarize yourself with the contents of my communicable disease prevention document for what to expect in-clinic by clicking on this link

Thanks for your patience during this time, and for continuing to do what is needed to protect us all. 



Our individualized, results-oriented treatments are designed to address the needs of every person. If you are looking to improve your athletic performance, rehabilitate an injury, relieve chronic tension or pain, or just get some good old relaxation, we can help. Each person’s needs are unique, and every treatment will be created to best meet those needs, as well as provide education and information that allow you to help yourself.

Sara Stamm, R.M.T


Sara has been practicing since 2008, shortly after her graduation from the WCCMT 3000 hour program. She also has a Bachelor of Health Science Degree, which enhances her knowledge of possible health dysfunctions and navigating the BC health system.

Her own experiences in sports and health contribute greatly to her knowledge and capacity in treating patients. Sara's athletic knowledge and experience ranges from typical recreational sports through body building and competitive CrossFit. Sara spends her free time either pursuing recreational exercise or with her husband and two children. They love to hike, camp and spend long days at the beach in all weather. 

Sara has great success identifying and addressing the cause of a person's discomfort through assessment and design of individual treatment plans. This is effective for all manner of discomfort, from work related repetitive strain or postural complaints, sports or accident related injuries, surgery recovery and general preventative care. She also focusses on providing education and information to each person to allow them to manage and maintain their own health outside of the treatment space. 

"I am better off healed than I ever was unbroken"

- Beth Moore 


Athletic individuals will experience decreased muscle soreness, accelerated recovery and healing, decreased chance of injury and improved muscle function. This will all translate into better performance.


The physical imbalances and compensation patterns created by an injury or surgical procedure can successfully be treated with massage therapy. Healing will be faster and optimal function will be restored. Scar tissue formation will also be decreased, along with significantly reduced pain levels. This leads to a speedier and more pleasant recovery.


There are a multitude of conditions that impair circulation or decrease tissue health. Massage stimulates circulation, which improves delivery of nutrients and subsequent health of the skin, muscles and surrounding soft tissue. Manipulation and movement of joints improves their health and function, as well as modulating pain, effectively decreasing arthritis symptoms. This will increase the speed of healing that occurs following damage or injury to tissue.


There are many causes of pain, including injury, tension, poor posture, and stress. Massage stimulates different nerve endings than those that sense pain, effectively “distracting” us from our pain, and relieving it. Furthermore, the increased circulation, improved tissue health and decreased muscle tension will ease irritation to the pain sensitive nerve endings. Specific techniques improve function and increase comfort of the painful area.

Lastly, the time spent in a massage therapy treatment is dedicated to relaxation and stress relief, thereby decreasing tension related pain. If you have questions about whether massage therapy would be beneficial to your specific painful condition or complaint, please feel free to call or email Sara.



Ascenda Massage Therapy

2830 Rita Road

Victoria, BC  V9B 3Z8

tel: 250-888-9457


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